〜Eid al-Fitr Dinner Course & Take Away ラマダン明けのセレブレーションディナーを5/3〜5/5 ご用意しております〜

Eid al Fitir is a time for celebration, and to mark this occasion, we will have ‘Eid al-Fitr Dinner Course’ from 5/3 (2nd day of Eid) ~ 5/5 (4th day of Eid) 2022 ! ラマダン明けのセレブレーションディナーを 5/3(火)〜5/5(木) ご用意しております。

The Course will be ¥4,500 ( +Tax 10%¥4,950). For main dish we will have a slice of Slow Roasted Baby Whole Lamb with Arabic Rice (Basmati Rice). – ‘Lamb Ouzi / Mandi ‘

Gigot / Whole or half Lamb (Mandi), for main dish, Kunafeh and Maamoul Dates for Sweets are also available for Take Away.

1 Gigot (Lamb Leg with Rice): ¥10,000 +tax

Lamb Shoulder with Rice: ¥15,000 +tax

Half Lamb with Rice: ¥30,000 +tax

Whole Kunafeh (5~6 people): ¥3,000 +tax

Chef’s Hand made Maamoul Dates: ¥300 (1 piece) +tax

We are looking forward to seeing you!