Arabian cuisine,
compared to other ethnic foods, is mildly spiced,
so everyone can enjoy it.
Our cook was a veteran many years at the Kuwaiti Embassy.
Come in and discover our "Arabian Nights" atmosphere,
and classic Arabian belly dance performances
Friday and Satday evenings from 8:30pm.
For groups of 10 or more
that spend at least \5,000 per person for food,
we offer free belly dancing performances by reservation.
Stork Tower Odori Koen I Building 2-17
Yayoi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken 231
Station JR Kannai station 10 min. walk
Isezakichoja-machi station No.6 exit 2 min. walk
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Operating Hours
Tuesdays - Saturdays 17:30-23:30
Sundays and Holidays 17:30-23:30
Show Time
Friday and Saturday at 20:30, belly-dance show
Max 60 seats available
Egypt Set \3,200
Carthage Tunisia Set \4,200
Phoenicia Lebanon Set \4,980
Lebanon Beer \600
Morocco Beer \650
Lebanon Wine (g) \680 (b) \3,980
Morocco Wine \3500
Tunisia Wine \3500-\4500
Kirin Draft Beer \500
Hummos \730
Mutabal Eggplant \750
Fattoush Salad \1,530 for 2 people
Lebanese-style mixed salad
Tabbouleh Salad \1,780 for 2 people
Kebbe Meat \980
Safiha \730
Sahbosa \730
Falafel \1,100
Sandwichi 2 pieces
Shawarma \1,280
Arabian-style beef sandwich 2 pieces
Cous Cous & Chicken Tajine \1,890
Cous Cous & Beef Tajine \2,000
Charcoal Grilled Kebobs \1,180-\2,180
Baklavah \680`
Milk Pudding \580
Halal method
We offer 45 different authentic dishes all made with healthy, natural ingredients ,and olive oil organic from Zyria , Alepo .

2 Arabian dinner set only
(Show charge / 5% tax includes)
A. Lebanese dinner course
B. Shi-shi kebab set
iTabouleh Salad , Hummos and Shi Shi Kababj

If you bring it with you coupon ticket
Coupon 10% off + 5% tax = 15% off friday night!!

Set :
\3500@Vegetarian set
\4200@Tunisia set
\4980@Phoenicia set
Relaxing atmosphere and you can enjoy Bellydance show

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